Fight club


Fight club is a satirical movie based on the book of the same name that show us the life of a character with no name that is always referred as the narrator (some people say that his name is Jack since he always use that name to talk about his pain) and its way to insanity. He’s the kind of man with a boring job that uses his money to buy thing he doesn’t actually needs to impress people that he doesn’t really like and suddenly, he cannot sleep. Its material life forbidden him to sleep since he feels like something is missing in his life. Within some time he finds a way to release that stress when he goes to a meeting of people with cancer that cries to release their pain and make him cry too. After some months, an odd woman named Marla appears in this meeting and she was a liar too, so he goes back to square one. This is where Tyler Durden appears and becomes friend with the narrator. Tyler is an odd business man that produces and sells soup. After an accident in his house, the narrator asks Tyler for help and a place to live, but he asks for a favor… To hit him as hard as he can. He had the idea that people doesn’t know much about them until they’ve been in a fight. This causes the foundation of a group called “Fight Club”, where men can fight their problems away. Within sometime the narrator loses control of everything around him and what Tyler did, so he will try to stop it and go back to his life but it will be harder than just that. One of the best films ever made that shows not only how society works and its failures but also how people change when they desire to be free.

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