What do you think about healthy food?

It’s important to establish a balance in our diet so our body can work in good conditions. There are certain things that we have to consider. For example, we should eat at least 5 vegetables and 5 fruits every day and we should vary depending on the colors of these ingredients. It’s said that we have to eat 3 times a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. But it is recommended that we eat 5 times a day, but splitting the quantity of food in small portions, so our body can keep getting energy in different times and since it is not much, our digestive system can process it easily. 

Sometimes, healthy food becomes a lifestyle for some people. Vegetarians for example, refuse to eat animals since they say that it causes diseases in a long term, while meat eaters say that it is impossible to live without meat since it provides important vitamins. There’s a lot of controversy in this topic but truth be told, both sides are right. Meat can cause certain diseases and yet, it provides us with vitamins such as b12 that helps the body to grow. What we have to consider here is that eating healthy is not a matter of sacrificing everything that we like but to know when to eat them and give priority to natural home-made food.